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Welcome to Stuttering Answers.    


This website has been established to provide a quick reference guide to stuttering resources all around the world from resources for parents seeking information about their stuttering toddler (2 -5) or stuttering child (6 - 12) to individuals seeking information about the various forms of stuttering treatment and stuttering self-help and support groups all around the world as well as all the latest on stuttering research and conferences. Where more specific information is required we give you links to particular websites what will be able to answer those questions. 


In our Stuttering Advice and Stuttering Treatment menu choices you will find that we have intereactive clickable flash maps of each continent to make your experience in navigating our site very easy. Click on the interactive flash map and you can easily navigate to your own country to get the relevant information you require. Our maps are the best on the internet from


What you will find helpful is a facility at the top of all the pages so that you can have the page translated into you own language. Please note that these translations may not always be totally accurate (especially in translating the more difficult words) but they will help those with English as a second language to better understand what has been said. 


For speech pathologists interested in the area of stuttering and those interested in finding out more about stuttering we have a section that lists the most popular books relating to stuttering and associated issues. 


You will also find a section where you can read about the latest breaking news that relates to stuttering including research, treatment and general issues to do with stuttering. 


There is information on conferences being held in all parts of the world that relate to the field of stuttering if you are one of the many people around the world who enjoys taking part in these get-togethers from time to time. 


Finally you will find links to stuttering related forums, blogs and discussion groups. One of the stuttering blogs that we particular worth reading is one written by Stuttering Jack so you might want to have a look there after browsing this website.


Hopefully you will be able to find the stuttering answers that you seek and at the same time have fun with our interactive flash maps. 


Should you seek an answer that is not covered here or you would like to have some information that you find on these pages updated, corrected, altered or deleted, please do not hesitate to send an email to 


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Stuttering is something that effects people all over the word. Here is a list of words that refer to stuttering in some different languages:


Nationality Noun Verb
Arabic: تَمْتَمَه، تَلَعْثُم يُتَمْتِم، يَتَلَعْثَم
Bulgarian: zaekvane zaekvam
Chinese (Simplified): 口吃 (因惊吓、激动而)结巴
Chinese (Traditional): 口吃 (因驚嚇、激動而)結巴


Czech: koktavost koktat
Danish: stammen stamme
Dutch: het stotteren stotteren
English: stutter, stammer stuttering, stammering
Estonian: kokutamine kokutama
Finnish: änkytys änkyttää
French: bégaiement bégayer
German: das Stottern stammeln
Greek: τραύλισμα τραυλίζω
Hungarian: dadogás (el)dadog
Icelandic: stam stama 
Indonesian: gagap berbicara gagap 
Italian: balbuzie, balbettamento balbettare
Japanese: どもり声 どもる
Korean: 말더듬음 말을 더듬다; 더듬으며 말하다
Latvian: stostīšanās stostīties
Lithuanian: mikčiojimas užsikirsti, mikčioti
Norwegian: stamming stamme; stotre fram
Polish: jąkanie się jąkać się
Portuguese (Brazil): gagueira gaguejar
Portuguese (Portugal): gaguez gaguejar
Romanian: bâlbâială a se bâlbâi 
Russian: заикание заикаться
Slovak: koktanie, zajakavosť koktať, zajakávať sa, jachtať
Slovenian: jecljanje jecljati 
Serbian: mucanje   
Spanish: tartamudez  tartamudear
Swedish: stamning stamma
Turkish: kekeleme, kekemelik kekelemek

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