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Stuttering Treatment in Greece




Evi Darili
Agias Sofias 4
Thessaloniki 54622
(031) 231 195

Katerina Kalaijidou
8 Kosti Moskof St.
Polichni, Thessaloniki 56533

Elisabeth Kyriakopoulou
Spell-Speech Language & Learn. Ctr
4 Ag. Sikelianou Str.
Neo Psychico
Athens 11525
3010-677-2965 fax

Marinella Tsoukala, M.A.CCC-SLP
Center "Legein", S.A.
Speech-Lang.-Voice, Pathology Ctr.
28 Vas Konstantinou Avenue
Athens 116 35
+30 210 72.53.611-12

Wanda Voutira-Bakirtzis
Hippokratio Hospital
49 Kon/Poleos
Thessaloniki 49 5462

George C Fourlas MRCSLT 
KEOT: Stuttering Research & Therapy Centre
9, G. Bakoa. Str.
GR-115 24, Athens Greece.
30210-691 6094 tel/fax


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